The story of a modern photographer

As a young woman, I have always been drawn to the art of photography and the power it has to capture and convey emotion. I have a keen eye for detail and a natural talent for storytelling, and I believe that the best photographs are those that truly capture the essence of the people and moments they depict.

When it comes to my work, I am all about capturing the genuine emotion and connection between my subjects. I have a warm and friendly personality and I always try to put my clients at ease, so that they feel comfortable and able to be themselves in front of the camera. I believe that this is the key to creating beautiful and heartfelt photographs that capture the essence of the people and moments they depict.

Whether you're looking for a portrait photographer to capture the special moments in your life, or a wedding photographer to document the love and emotion of your big day, I would love to be a part of your journey. I am dedicated to providing the highest level of service and ensuring that each and every one of my clients leaves with beautiful, heartfelt photographs that they will cherish for a lifetime. Thank you for considering me as your photographer - I can't wait to work with you and create something special together!


Taveen Saran

“To put it simply: Charitha is the best. Her eye to pristine detail is truly an art. The passion she has for her work shines through whether she’s adjusting lighting, poses, camera angles or just hyping you up. It’s hard to find someone to trust with such important moments of life, but Charitha sees the beauty in the moments she captures. The pictures came out better than I had ever hoped and I am extremely excited to work with her again in the future!!!”